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What is skin tightening?
Skin tightening is synonymous with the SkinTyte™ technology that is used to achieve firmer looking skin by stimulating new collagen growth.  SkinTyte™ works by delivering heat to the dermis (the deep layer of the skin) with infrared light.  This medical cosmetic technique provides excellent results with minimal discomfort.
What can I expect during a SkinTyte™ treatment?
A layer of gel and the SkinTyte™ hand-held device are placed on the skin and a series of rapid gentle pulses of light are delivered to an area then moved to a neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated.  Most patients feel a sensation of heat in the area treated but there is no pain.

All body areas which can benefit from skin tightening can be treated with SkinTyte™.  These include the face, neck, backs of the arms, hands and abdomen.  It is an effective way to tighten up loose, sagging skin from ageing or after pregnancy or weight loss.

A photorejuvenation treatment can be performed in the same area during the same session.
How do I prepare for a SkinTyte™ treatment?
As with other light based treatments, you must stay off Accutane (an oral prescription acne medication) for six months before your treatment.

All skin types (fair to dark) can be treated.
Are there any post-treatment instructions?
Immediately after the treatment there may be some skin redness which will subside quickly.  Patients can resume their normal schedules and can return to work.  It is important to schedule subsequent treatments because three to five treatments performed one month apart are generally recommended.
What can I expect in the long term?
The production of new collagen takes approximately one month and therefore you will likely not see results immediately.  However, results are excellent after completing a series of three to five treatments.  For maintenance, one to two treatments per year are recommended.
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