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As a General Practitioner Dr. Gratton specializes in providing continuous and comprehensive health care to her patients and their families.

Dr. Gratton has specialized in sclerotherapy procedures –the treatment of blood vessels or blood vessel malformations (e.g. varicose veins)— since 1999.  Post-sclerotherapy products are available at the office.

This medical discipline comprises a range of non-surgical procedures for the purpose of revising, treating, or enhancing an individual's physical appearance.   Doctor-selected cosmeceutical products are available at the office.

Dr. Gratton provides expertise "bearing on health as it affects work and the effect of work on health including the public at large, either in general or as individuals."  (–The Occupational Physician)

Dr. Gratton provides companies with disability management expertise, a medical discipline that aims to prevent disability from occurring in the workplace, and offers strategies to minimize the impact of disabilities on employees and employers.

Dr. Gratton provides general medical counsel tailored to individual businesses and institutions.
1979 - 1981 Emergency Medicine; Télé-Médic Inc.,  Montreal, Quebec
1979 - 1987 Private General Practice;  Montreal, Quebec
1979 - 1987 Emergency Room Physician;  Hôpital Ste-Jeanne d'Arc, Montreal, Quebec
1981 - 1983 Director, Department of Family Practice
  Chief, Emergency Services;  Hôpital Ste-Jeanne d'Arc, Montreal, Quebec
1985 - 1987 Place Ville Marie Breast Centre;  (diagnosis and treatment of breast disease),
  Montreal, Quebec
1987 - Private General Practice;  Toronto, Ontario
1987 - 1989 Occupational Health Physician;  Texaco Canada Inc., Toronto Dominion Bank,
  Suncor Group;  Toronto, Ontario
1989 - 1990 Occupational Health Physician;  St. Joseph's Health Centre;  Toronto, Ontario
1993 - 1994 Medical Director;  Neurological Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario, Mississauga,
1994 - 1998 Medical Consultant;  Rehabilitation Services of Canada, Mississauga, Ontario
1994 - 2009 Occupational Health Physician;  The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Ontario
1994 - 2010 Occupational Health Physician;  Occupational Health and Safety Department,
  Baycrest (Baycrest is an academic centre affiliated with the University of Toronto),
  Toronto, Ontario
1998 - 2000 Medical Consultant;  Medical Assessment Centre of Ontario Ltd. (MACO),
  Toronto, Ontario
1999 - Private Medical Cosmetic Practice;  Toronto, Ontario
2007 - Medical Consultant;  BMO Life Assurance Company (formerly American International
  Group), Toronto, Ontario
2009 - 2011 Occupational Health Physician;  Occupational Health and Safety Department
  St. John's Rehab Hospital (affiliated with the University of Toronto), Willowdale, Ontario
2011 - 2013 Medical Consultant, Echelon General Insurance Company, Mississauga, Ontario
2012 -Consulting Staff, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
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