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Most medical services provided by Dr. Gratton as your family doctor are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Since this is an insured medical service, please remember to bring your OHIP card to every appointment.

There are medical services offered by Dr. Gratton that are not covered by OHIP.  In this case the patient is responsible for covering their cost although some may be fully or partially refundable by certain private or group insurance providers.  Services are payable on the day of service.  Visa, Master Card, and debit card are accepted.

As mentioned, there are many medical services offered by Dr. Gratton that are not covered by medicare (OHIP) but that patients expect from her as their family doctor. In fact, up to 30 percent of a doctor's professional time and that of his or her staff is spent performing uninsured, administrative, and other services in the course of caring for a patient.  Examples of this include:  telephone prescription renewals, accomodating missed appointments, writing return to work notes, completing insurance forms, giving telephone advice, and faxing or photocopying at the request of a patient.  These services and many more are not paid for by medicare (OHIP).

Below is a table of services covered by Dr. Gratton's uninsured services plan.

Dr. Gratton's Plan is available to any patient who wants to avoid paying for uninsured services each time they arise.  This convenient plan is available for six or 12 month periods.  Patients are encouraged to use it as a most practical investment in their health.

Please contact the office for more information about Dr. Gratton's Uninsured Services Plan.
The Uninsured Services Plan
  12 MONTHS (HST incl)
Basic Plan (Individual)   $228.00
Senior's (age 65+)   $175.00
Family (live at same address)   $312.00
Senior Family (age 65+)   $240.00
Services Covered by the Uninsured Services Plan
Telephone prescriptions $25.00 Covered
Telephone advice $35 - 75.00 / call Covered
Missed office visit without 24 hr. notice (3 / year) $35.00 Covered
Missed complete physical appointment without 24 hr. notice (1 / year) $77.00 Covered
Missed complete physical appointment & PAP without 24 hr. notice (1 / year) $89.00 Covered
Missed 30 minute counselling appointment without 24 hour notice (2 / year) $63.00 Covered
Missed PAP test appointment without 24 hour notice (2 / year) $40.00 Covered
Blood test / x-Ray requisitions mailed to patient $11.00 Covered
Blood test / x-Ray requisitions lost picked up by patient $10.00 Covered
Chart summaries, transfer of medical records to other MDs $150.00 Covered
CPP Disability Medical Report form $60.00 Covered
Driver's medical examination form $80.00 Covered
EI Medical Certificate $29.00 Covered
Fitness club form or letter $34.00 Covered
Insurance, sickness, and disability forms $30.00 Covered
Medical certificate $20.00 Covered
Medication insurance form $20.00 Covered
Referral note for insurance purposes $20.00 Covered
Patient e-mail review $10.00 Covered
Photocopying and faxing to third party $30.00 pgs 1-20 then
$.25 / pg
Pre-travel consultation $50.00 Covered
Referral to doctor when not associated with OHIP service $40.00 Covered
Replacement of immunization record lost by patient $10.00 Covered
Revenue Canada disability tax credit form $48.15 Covered
School / Camp form $26.00 Covered
TB test and letter / form-1 step $45.00 Covered
TB test and letter / form-2 step $65.00 Covered
Travel cancellation insurance forms $38.60 Covered
Uninsured immunization visit (not including cost of vaccines) $25.00 Covered
Photocopying of patient results $1.00 / page Covered
Services Not Covered by the Uninsured Services Plan
NSF cheques $25.00 Not Covered
Third party medical exam (insurance, pre-employment, drivers, etc.) $219.00 Not Covered
Telephone consultation with non-health professional $361.00 / hour Not Covered
Medico legal and other narrative reports $361.00 / hour Not Covered
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